Abseilaktion über A7

In the morning of the 27th of November we blocked the highway A7 under the motto: „if you take our trees, we take your streets“. Activists are hanging down from the bridge, showing banners. This action stands in solidarity with the occupied Dannenröder forest, which is being destroyed for the construccion of the highway A49.
The Dannenröder forest is an over 300 years old healthy mixed forest, which is in a drinking water protection area. This water supplies over 500.000 people in Rhine-Main-Area. For the construction of the last part of the A49 the building company DEGES will clear cut 85 hectares of forest. Affected are also Maulbacher forest and Herrenwald.
It is clear that the German state and the federal state Hessen want to continue this building project despite the global climate crisis. And only to implement the interests of big companies. The responsible parties do not care that already huge areas of fertile soil are getting sealed in Germany every day and that the transition of the traffic concept needs to happen now to not worsen the climate crisis much more. Responsible for this decision is the government of Hessen, the conservative CDU party and the so-called „green“-party.
In times of the climate crisis it is pure insanity to build another highway, which is on top of this responsible for hundreds of thousands car accidents and several thousand deaths per year.
We attack the traffic system where it hurts. We won’t stand still any longer while our friends are getting beaten up and threatened their lives by cops in the eviction of the forest and while our basis of existence is being destroyed.
We stand in solidarity with all occupants in the forest as well as with the seven imprisoned activists and support the diverse resistance against the destruction of nature.

Phone number: 015738092116                         Twitter: @opswediditagain